Imbolc 2012
An interesting ritual that was to be held at Spring Wood,but due to a sudden change in the weather giving us a covering of deep snow making Spring Wood Inaccessible we moved it to the back of the Dove Street Inn.


Ritual to Spring Wood May 2012
This year we were lucky enough to have KISS THE MISTRESS to provide music and song for this event .After the ritual we had a lovely feast in wonderful surroundings with good friends.


Spring Equinox  (Eostre)  Ritual  March 2012
A great day in Millennium Wood,the sun was out,a great place for a Ritual in natural surroundings and with good friends.We toasted the spirits of place and the ancestors and left offerings for the spirits and the wildlife.


Walknic at Belstead Meadows July 2012
We walked a circular route which took us across the meadows and down along the Brook and finishing off with a picnic in the sunshine.


Harvest Moot at the Dove September 2012
As it was harvest time we decided to have a go at making things with corn,this turned out to be more difficult that first thought,but by the end of the evening most of us were producing corn dolly's in some shape or form.We had a small Ritual and a fun time was had by all.

Summer Solstice June 2012
A good turn out of friends considering the early start, however it was worth it as we were greeted with a stunning sunrise over the sea. We all toasted the sun and finished off with BBQ breakfast on the beach.


Walknic at Rendlesham Forest October 2012
A great day out in the woods with good selection of food an drink for the picnic.


Samhain Ritual at Millenium Wood November 2012
This was a great Ritual,we had jacket potato,s in the fire,soup bubbling over fire pits and the best turn out of carved pumpkins (and the odd carved potato) for miles around.It was of course a time to remember love ones and friends that had past on which took place around the fire pit giving us some interesting images in the flames.