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LITHA 2010
Our first Gathering as a new group was on the Summer Solstice 2010.

A few of us met up at Felixstowe to watch the sunrise at  4 a.m.  Unfortunately it was cloudy and not much of the sun could be seen this year.  However we honoured the sun and raised a toast of mead with good company and felt it was a new beginning for all of us.


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Save Kiln Meadow Petition - JULY 2010
In July 2010, the Gippeswyck Gathering gave their support to the “Save Kiln Meadow” protest. Some of our members went along to hand in a petition at Endeavour House. Included in the group was a member dressed as a toad to give emphasis to the “handing in” of the petition.
Ipswich Borough Council were selling the natural landscape and another “green” piece of Ipswich .
to developers for yet more housing proposals at the demise of the toad population that abide there.





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Lughnasadh - Harvest Gathering and Ritual – 2010
Members of the Gippeswyck Gathering met up for a celebration of the Harvest for 2010.  We chose Martins Meadow in Suffolk, as the ideal location, because it is an Ancient meadowland that is protected by the Suffolk Wildlife Trust.  It was a lovely setting for our Lughnasadh Harvest Ritual and feast.  We arrived mid-afternoon, and went for a guided walk around the meadow  where we had various flora and fauna of interest pointed out to us by our guide.

Wassailing at Foxburrow Farm.
In October 2010,
a few of the Gippeswyck Gathering went out to Foxburrow Farm for the Foxburrow Harvest and Wassailing event.  There were many different stalls including fresh pressed apple juice and various craft activities for people to try their hand at

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Winter Solstice 2010
We met up early in the morning before sunrise at Orwell Country Park and walked to the riverside to watch the sunrise on the winter Solstice.
It was a typical wintry morning below freezing and the woodland and paths and beach had a covering of snow and frost.
We toasted the sunrise on the beach with mead, then made our way towards the mighty oak just inside the woods.  We toasted the oak tree with welcome hot mulled wine and all had a hug of the old fella!  We left offerings to the spirits and wild life.
Finally,  we made our way back to car park and headed off the Orwell Crossing restaurant for a warm up and a hearty cooked breakfast.