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The Gippeswyck Gathering is a nature loving Pagan group in Ipswich, who get actively involved in many eco and green issues. The group was originally formed to provide a place where people could meet socially within a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. A place where everyone feels able to voice their individual opinions and beliefs on a completely equal basis.

Many of us take part in yearly Toad Patrols, Tree Planting, River Clean Ups, Wood Management, General Conservation, Litter Picking, and the ancient craft of Hazel Coppicing. We believe that if we treat the land with respect it will respond. We don’t just sit indoors talking about it, we go out and we do it! We celebrate the changing wheel of the year and Pagan festivals in the great outdoors where we can see it happening before us!

Since forming, we have gained a large following, and respect from the vast majority of Pagan's and other groups in and around Ipswich. We visit ancient places and we do many outdoor rituals, in fields, by rivers, by the sea and in woods. We go for nature walks and have picnic's (see “Past Events”). We have close links with eco and wildlife groups, and we help to organise many interesting events where we all help each other.

We have a Pagan Moot on the fourth Monday of the month at the Dove Street Inn, Ipswich, (see “Moots” for details), where all friendly persons - pagans/pagan-sympathetic/eco people - will be made to feel very welcome.

If you would like to join us come along to our social night. Our Social Moots, Membership, and Rituals are all FREE!

We are also on Facebook: Gippeswyck Gathering - The Pagan Social Moot

All other enquiries please email: